The Cassanova Way

Maybe it was trivial to Cassanova, but not to me. From hundreds of girls I liked and wanted to have sex with, I succeed with just a few, and then I get married. Now Im middle age and divorced without any knowledge about how to get a girl to have sex.
Some years ago I would had to read some books on the subject, probably without any improvement, but now we have the internet, and I can search for some tips.
I found a lot of similar websites saying they can teach me how to become a Cassanova. There was sites offering some pheromones perfumes to atract girls and make them horny. Also there are sites telling you how to do some enchantment with spells and stuff like invoking demons to help you with the task.
All of them seems to lack of science or real knowledge, no psychological references or something. After trying some of them with no luck, I was paying whores and task done, it seems easier than learning something I should have learned on high school or college.
One day in a bar, drinking some bourbon, I start to chat with this man. A sixty and some years old man, well dressed, with an incredibly hot girl at his side. She said to him: “Bye, I will be waiting your call”, and then he said to me: “Very pretty, huh, what do you think?”. At the begining I thought she was an expensive hooker or something, until he told me she is a lawyer. It seems like they met each other in court, in opposite sides! After the judgement this man founds her drinking coffee in the surroundings, and asked her for a sit. She was a very bussy girl, with a lot of work to do, so rejected any kind of relationship, but gives him her professional card, just in case. After some time, they ended as casual lovers. No one have enough time for romance, so they have some “casual lovers” they call when they want sex.
Obiously I get very interested in how can it be possible, how can I do the same, maybe being rich and gorgeous or famous… No, it’s only psychology and a way of life I can learn. The man told me the basics and leads me to a website he used to reach his goals.

Roasted Pig in chinese box

Roasted Pig in chinese box This post is intended to show you how to grill a whole pig in a Chinese box. This technique when is well done let you taste one of the best grilled pig that you’ve ever tasted. Also It help you and your kids to stay away of internet and the adult xdating sites or who know maybe other adult content websites.

Well, let’s get to work. First all you need to and even it seem pretty obvious is to get the whole pig, enough charcoal and the Chinese box. In case you don’t have a Chinese box or none of your friend has it neither, then please get in touch with me and I can send you a manual on how to build your own.

Once you got the pig, the charcoal and the box, we are good to go. Ideally is to leave the pig marinated from the night before (assuming you are beginning at noon), but marinating it 3 to 6 hours before grilling it is ok too. Marinating the pig can seem pretty easy too but we suggest you to marinate the pig with a syringe from inside not from the skin, and spray the skin of the pig with salty water. Marinating that way ensure that the meat will taste fantastic and the pig skin will be crunchy.

Once the pig is marinated properly (remember it has to be marinated at least 3 hours before grilling it) proceed to put it inside the chinese box with the skin side down. You may ask why the skin side down? That’s an easy one, the chinese box technique use the charcoal on top so we need to get as much heat inside the meat first, that way we guarantee that the meat will get well cooked and the skin don’t got burned.

Once we got the pig inside the box we close the chinese box and place the charcoal on the cover, turn it on and spread the charcoal evenly through the cover surface. Keep feeding the heat with charcoal as needed for the next 3 hours.

After the first 3 hours you will need to remove the chinese box cover (be aware to place it in a safe place to avoid accident) and turn the pig. The pig skin now should be visible from outside the box, place back the cover with the charcoal and keep it alive for another 3 hours and that’s it.

Hope you guys find this post helpful and please don’t hesitate to ask in case of any doubt.





Cheating Online

Cheaters dont want to be caught. Privacy is very important for them, and thats a problem when we talk about the virtual world. There are many things you have to take care of when you are online, the browser history, the cookies, temporal files, downloaded files, and some more. Maybe your couple installed a keylogger to know everything you type in your keyboard, that’s a big problem, and is very hard to detect it. We recommend you a Mac, or using Linux, they are less susceptible to virus, spywares or keyloggers. Your should take care when using your phone too. There are some apps to enter in a privacy mode or something, so you can use your phone without the need of deleting last sms or calls, when you close the app, all the info is lost. You can find more about the subject at

Senegence Lipsense New costumer

I am a new customer to SeneGence Lipsense lipstick and chose to contact you because your video made me feel like I know you. In this day and age where one never knows who’s lurking around on the internet, the video took the scarry part of buying the product away. Thanks so much.
My lipsense arrived today and I love the orchid gloss on top of kelly’s krush. Your speedy delivery and the catalog that you enclosed will keep me coming back to you for my future cosmetic needs.  The skin care products will probably be in my next order.
Have have a nice Day.

My neighbor is now on

One of my neighbours is a very strange guy. You will never see him with a friend, or a girlfriend, only his mother, his sisters, or some familiar. He looks pretty normal, and you can talk to him as with anybody. But it is not very normal to reach your thirtys without a girlfriend or some friends. Other neighbours thinks he is gay or there is something wrong with him.
Talking to him once, he told me the only thing he likes is going and spending money on Casinos. But that’s not good I guess. Imagine him spending the same money searching friends online, he could find a lot! And girls, maybe not for a relationship, because he is very weird, but just for a one night stand. Maybe that can improve his social skills, and convert him in a very sociable guy.
I told him about some xpersonals sites, including the free online dating ones, because he is a little greedy, and you can see pain in his face when he spend a penny. Dating sites can help him I guess, maybe he can find a girl exactly like him, who likes casinos, lonelyness and a little greedy too. Or not, maybe a girl who can fix that things in his character. Anyway, the contact with other humans will help for sure. There is a story about a lonely guy who died in his bed, and nobody noticed it, only the neighbours some months after, because of the smell. Imagine that.
There is a song from Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin called “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely”, and it says: Nobody Wants To Be Lonely, Nobody wants to cry… and the song continues, and it shows exactly what Im saying. So, if you are alone now, take a chance on some online friends community, or adult dating sites. Maybe you can find the love of your life at


Today my article will be oriented to those whom are still single and want to live their life from one date to another and GET SEX FREE this days it is really easy or at least for me has been pretty easy and I want to share my methods with you.
First I like to write a little bit how did I get here.

Before I used to go to a bar or a dancing place and start to drink and look around to choose the right girl to get sex with but most of the times the girls did not passed my expectations because two principal things, one I was paying to much on drinks or second there were not an elegible girl based on their phisical aspect. I do recognize that a Bar is not a good place to hook up with a good looking girl mostly all the time what you find there is drunk guys, police or people that want to relax after a long day work mostly men. But some times it worked out to me. That’s why I start to frecuent some dancing place and there I was little bit more successful but still not what I wanted since my dancing skills are equal to cero and still was spending lot of money on dates before get laid.
My cousin used to come with me most of the time till one day I invited him and he said he couldn’t because he had a date with a hot girl then I ask him how the heck did you find her, cause since we were doing our best dancing we both never meet a hot girl just aceptable babes so he told me that he found her on a dating site which I answer well are you sure you are dating with a girl and not a male LOL .He got pissed on me and told me he will answer my question after he met her. So I hang up the phone and went out to tha dancing place alone and I met an average girl we went for a snack after dancing and no SEX , just couple of kisses and back to home alone.
While walking to my department I decide to call my cousin and ask him how was his date? He didn’t answer the phone so I assumed he was either busy or like me just dissapointed of his night life. The next day I woke up and went to my job wondering how was my cousing date and why this bastard haven’t answered the phone. I left him couple of messages and he didn’t reply so I decide to stop by his house on my way back to home after work and what a Big surprise I’ve found when I knocked the door and a really hot girl open the doors. I got in shock for a minute cause I couldn’t believe what my eyes were watching. When I came back on me just asked it is Mike here or I just knock the wrong door, oh boys she smile and say yes is here and you are? I told her I’m Mike’s cousin she call mike and I walk in to the house then we start to talk and share couple of beers but I was a little bit curious about how this mf was able to get something like that? So i couldn’t contain my self and ask him he start to laughing and told me dude yesterday I was amazed but today I have realized that I found an easy way to get sex fast and free. So he start to tell me how to and when I arrived home follow his instruction although I was not as lucky as him his way make my Live easier since then.

Here is the way we both now use to get sex quickly. There is a dating site called we are both members it took me only a few seconds to sign up and after an e-mail of confirmation I was a registered member of the community so I start to surf on the site to get familiarized with it. After half an hour I start to click I like her in couple of girls that captivate my soul and two days later I got some replies one of them was really funny cause the girl was looking to have sex with a couple so I refused since I’m single I was sure she will no accept to date with me but to me was funny cause I couldn’t believed thata were possible to find online girls so open mind. Well since then I have been in date almost all weekends with differents girls some times we both agree to have sence one more time some times not but come on that’s the life.

Hope this article help you guys to get sex frequently as well as my cousin and I do.

Grilling the Red

Today we are not really providing any tips  on how to cook or grill beef or whatever weird food you can’t imagine. I’ve decide to put on the grill today a theme related to the internet that’s why the title says “grilling the red”.

Well lets get deep in to the internet. How many times you guys have try to find something that really will help you either in some extra class Job or just about pure curiosity? I’m sure that hundreds of time most of the internet users get tired of looking and must of them give up after few trial and errors. So at this point some of you get to think that you are such an idiot that can’t even use a computer. But that’s not completely true just a little bit of it LOL.

Let say what we are looking for is just a some Full Free Videos but what you have on Google don’t satisfy your needs so instead of trying other ridiculous or weird combinations of words the best practices is to move forward to the second pages where you’ll probably not find what you are looking for then my advice is to move to the next pages and so on.
At this point you may want to say well why the heck I will do something like that? and the answer is simple what you are looking for is what you have typed other reason is that the search engines are well elaborated algorithms but they are still not human so can be manipulated and actually although it is a lot of work they do get manipulated by some people called SEO gurus even sometimes companies called SEO. So those who don’t have the money or enough acknowledge to trick search engines almost all the times the one that you are looking for are behind the 3rd or even 4th pages on the majors search engines. So remember do not stay with the first page result move on and find your Full Free Videos collection.

Grilling Tips

Marinating quickly tenderizes meat and also adds additional flavor. Use roughly 1 to 2 cups of marinade for every 1 1/2 to 2 pounds of food. The marinade should completely surround the food. Cooked meat should never be returned to a cold marinade.
A secret to tender, moist,tasty meat and fish is the cut you choose. The best cut for grilling steaks is a full one inch thick.
Trim beef steaks to 1/8 inch fat–this reduces grease drippings to help minimize open flames. If you like your hamburgers juicy, go with ground beef that is about 15 to 20 percent fat. Have fish fillets cut from 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick–anything thinner will dry out too quickly. Pork chops should also be at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick–this cut is ready when the meat is no longer pink along the bone and when the juices run clear.
For direct cooking on a charcoal grill, make sure there is enough charcoal to extend in a single layer 1 to 2 inches beyond the area of the food on the grill. Pour briquettes into the grill to determine the quantity, then stack into a pyramid for lighting. For indirect cooking, food is placed over a drip pan and the briquettes are banked either to one or both sides of the pan.
Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are given off during combustion, so never barbecue indoors as these odorless, toxic fumes may accumulate and cause death.
When using charcoal, douse the coals with the least amount of starter fluid as possible to light the fire. If starter fluid is unavailable, try using regular salad oil. Wad a sheet of newspaper and pile the coals over it, then douse the coals with the salad oil. Light the paper as you would using normal starter fluid.
When roasting or grilling with a BBQ pit closed, open a can of beer and place the beer over the hottest part of the fire. The beer will boil and super saturate the air inside the pit with water vapor, beer flavors and alcohol. This will help in keeping the roasting meats moist, while adding flavor to the meat.
Whenever barbecuing, use tongs to turn the meat. A fork should never be used as it will punch holes in the meat and allow the natural juices to escape, causing the meat to lose flavor and become chewy.
When grilling meats, it is usually best to turn the meat only once. When grilling meat to a medium or greater doneness, use the lid to assist in cooking. This will decrease the cooking time by applying heat to all sides of the meat at once.
Tomato and/or sugar based BBQ sauces should be added only at the end of the grilling process, since these products will burn easily and are seldom considered an internal meat flavoring.